Investigative Tools

The transnational trade in tear gas is largely unregulated with little information about exports made available to the public. Below are some of the tools researchers investigating tear gas and other policing technologies have found helpful to try and track market trends, trace trade routes, monitor sales and highlight corporate and government accountability.


EDGAR is a database of the US Securities and Exchange Commission that contains information for investors. The documents it holds include details on companies’ losses and gains, market position, mergers. Top Tip: Try a full text search if the company you are after doesn’t come up.


USITC Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb is free to use. It provides international trade statistics and U.S. tariff data. Here you can find general information on exports that went through US customs. Top Tip: The SITC code for non-military arms 891.39


Zepol is a private company that provides a database of US trade information. You can use this to see what companies are shipping in and out of the United States. Top Tip: You can sign up for a free trial.

City and Town logo

City&Town is a US-based project that aims to collect all reliable & stable sources of city & town information. You can use it to look up city budgets for police forces. Top Tip: Ehow hosts detailed instructions for finding police budget data
You can also check out what other people have shared on google fusion tables and search for corporations and their executives using LinkedIn and the Bloomberg Business Guide